Global Academic Excellence (GAE) is one of the organization that provides services for conferences, journal publication, workshops and training. GAE established in order to assist researchers, scholars and authors to present and publish their original and extended research in conferences and our referred journal which can help them to fulfil works and studies requirement, besides give opportunity to them to improve their research through comment and idea given by reviewer of journal and others in conference participant. The platforms provided by GAE also can help interested people to obtain knowledge and experience. Workshop and training provided by GAE like Digital Academic Workshop (tools & strategy) can assist lecturers, researcher, authors and scholars to improve visibility in cyber world.


To be the excellence platform for Academia-Industry share their expertise for future knowledge



1. To create the largest platform for knowledge sharing

2. To embrace technology for future growth and development

3. To maintain the highest quality of product and service to meet Academia-Industry needs



“Knowledge for Future”